Our Pastor

    Mike Reynolds is the pastor of Cannington Baptist Church. After thirteen years as pastor of a church in Louisiana (his wife Cherie’s home state), he accepted the call to return home to Ontario and become our pastor at Cannington Baptist. Mike and Cherie have four children: Brianne, Leah, Marshall, and Joel.

    I would love for you to come visit our church this Sunday, whether you’re intent on worshiping the Lord or simply looking into what this Bible is about. You may or may not believe that Jesus is the “good news of great joy for all people.” The truth is, not one of us is born believing this! Though I’ve been a part of the church all my life, it took me a lot of years of running from and returning to Jesus (and running and returning and running and returning!) to know him as the steadfast love truly better than life. My prayer is that you would find Christ to be even more captivating than I do.

    God bless,


    Reynolds Family