Recent Sermons

    • Longing for a Good Life View

      November 22, 2020

      An introduction to the book of Ecclesiastes
    • Christ Is All View

      November 15, 2020

      All the glory of God ascribed to Jesus, to be the anchor of our lives.
    • Wisdom for Wealth View

      November 08, 2020

      Proverbs gives us guidance on how to pursue and use earthly wealth.
    • Wisdom for Conflict View

      October 28, 2020

      The wisdom of Proverbs on what makes the conflict that frays our relationships and what makes for...
    • Wisdom for Friendship View

      October 18, 2020

      Constancy, candor, counsel...virtues that build strong friendships.
    • Wisdom for your Words View

      October 04, 2020

      True, thoughtful, and timely...what our words must be to be wise.
    • Wisdom Over Folly View

      September 27, 2020

      Two very different women, houses, meals, and consequences...this is the place of decision.
    • Faithfulness by Wisdom View

      September 13, 2020

      The counsel of Proverbs to overcome temptation
    • The Heart of Wisdom View

      Mike Reynolds - September 06, 2020

      It's easy to focus only on outward behaviour and outward religion -- Proverbs 2-4 homes in on our...
    • The Reward of Wisdom View

      Mike Reynolds - August 30, 2020

      The rewards God offers us as we pursue the true wisdom.
    • The Beginning of Wisdom View

      Mike Reynolds - August 16, 2020

      Introducing the book of Proverbs, exploring the true wisdom and where we find it.
    • How Long, O Lord? View

      Mike Reynolds - June 07, 2020

      How to worship when sorrow is all you feel.

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