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    Why We're Here

    It’s our life’s joy and our mission together to know Christ and to make him known. Every time we gather, we plunge deep into the good news of Jesus, and as we go we strive to make his good news known through words of truth and deeds of love. We are the body of Christ. Slowly but surely, week by week and year by year, we are being conformed to him.

    Why are we so taken with Jesus?

    Two thousand years ago, on the east shore of the Mediterranean Sea, Jesus claimed to be the image of the invisible God, his eternal Son sent to redeem us and restore us to God. But this claim wasn't made out of thin air. For two thousand years (and more) prior, the promises of God preserved in the Old Testament Scriptures pointed to him. Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s promise of salvation, the good news from God.

    Glad tidings of great joy!

    This is the good news: in love, Jesus lived the life none of us could live, perfectly meeting God’s perfect standard of righteousness. Then in love he also died the death that none else could die, bearing in himself our guilt for falling short of God's standard. On the third day God raised him from death to life, triumphant over death forever. Now Jesus invites everyone to himself. When we turn from our self-rule and self-trust, and trust in Jesus our Lord and Saviour, he forever washes us clean and restores us to God. Find out more about the gospel.

    All that we are and all that we have we owe to him!